Week three of Chemo

Chemo today was good, no nausea or dizziness like the last two times! They test my blood every week before starting, to make sure my levels all look good and to monitor my progress, and today everything looked fantastic! My white blood cell count AND hemoglobin levels are  UP from last week which isn’t normal because the chemo attacks both healthy and cancerous cells. 

The tumor markers in my blood are LOW, the nurse said that if we were to test Jamison’s blood he’d probably be in the same range as me just because everyone has cancer cells in their body, so that was encouraging to hear. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers, I feel them. Besides the dizziness and nausea the only other symptom and pain  I’ve had is intermittent abdominal cramping which could be a side affect of a couple of the drugs I’m taking. 

God is good and faithful, I’m blessed to know and trust Him.

The pictures are of me and Sue (Susie). I can’t with her, she’s hilarious. I can’t help but smile around her because she’s so loving and funny! She’s a believer and has shared with us some of her own battle with cancer 16 years ago, her amazing faith and little miracles from God that  she’s experienced. She’s really blessed us and we love her.

Rachel Dye4 Comments